The Christmas Letter 2016

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Parents, Relatives, Friends and Benefactors!

A year has already passed since our last communication, and we greet
you once again with our Franciscan greeting “Peace and all Good!”
When Pope Francis had opened the Holy Year of Mercy, a Holy Door
was opened also in our monastery. The mystery of the Triune God’s love
and mercy surpasses our understanding.

Moreover, Jesus reveals to us that “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3, 16). Jesus revealed to us the mystery of the Father’s love in His inexhaustible mercy. 

We began this New Year with the first blessing of a newly ordained priest, our brother Cyril Komosny and his priest friend Fr. Zdenek Mlcoch. In February we accompanied our friars with prayer during their World-wide Meeting of Capuchins which Pope Francis called for in Rome. In April we worked on our drainage system. At the same time, construction work was done to renovate our entrance which some of you have already seen. The reconstruction of our guest rooms is almost finished. At the beginning of the New Year we will be able to accept retreatants once again.

In springtime work also began in the garden. Thanks to strong help of the novices, the remains
of our wooden garden shed, which had burned, were removed. In June the postulants looked
after our garden. In the same month the guardian of the Capuchin Friary in Olomouc arrived
with Friar Francis and others to to build a new shed. We are grateful to them. And finally our
thanks go to a group of new Capuchin postulants for winterizing our garden.

Besides looking after our garden, we also pursued ongoing formation. In May five of our
sisters took part in a week-long course on the Testament of St Clare with Fr. Johannes
Schneider OFM at the monastery of the Poor Clares in Brno. At the beginning of summer, there
was a course for women superiors of contemplative Orders at the Capuchin friary in Prague.
The main lectures were on “the character of an ideal teacher” and “spiritual warfare”. Our
Sister Rachel lectured on Contemplation in the Letters of St Clare at the Mid-European
Capuchin post-novitiate meeting in Prague.

During summer we had a week’s retreat at the beginning of August led by Fr. Josef Hrebik, a
biblical scholar. His deep insights into the Scripture stories of God’s chosen ones in the Old
Testament still echo in us.

At the beginning of June there was a Second International Meeting of Delegates of our Order
in Mexico who thoroughly reviewed our Constitutions. Another meeting was the unforgettable
World Youth Day gathering with Pope Francis in Krakow. In both of these events, it was as if
the gates of the Divine Mercy opened wide. Back to our ordinary course of events.

The second Sunday of October did not only belong to the Guardian Angels. Our Sister Nina of
the Incarnate Word had her first profession in which she offered her life to God. The main
celebrant was Fr. Provincial, Bonaventura Stivar, and other priests joined him. Our chapel
was filled with many Capuchin friars, relatives, and friends. A warm and unified atmosphere
of prayer and friendship was felt by all. We give thanks to God for the vocation of our Sister
Nina and we ask your prayers for her as well.

Our two postulant sisters, Monika and Mary left us during the year. May the Lord accompany
them on their life’s journey.

On November 24 we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the consecration of our monastery at
holy mass together with our parishioners. Among the precious gifts offered at mass was the
grace of the last twenty years of our contemplative vocation lived in and for our town, Church,
and the whole world.

As we conclude, we want to assure you of our gratitude and of our constant prayer for you.
Each Tuesday holy mass, the source and the summit of the Christian life, is celebrated here for

We wish you a most happy Feast of the Nativity and an abundance of grace from God to you
in the new year.

Yours sincerely Capuchin Poor Clares