Our spirituality

What is a major point to keep? 


It is to live together in the closest relationship with God

-to be the servants of the Most Holy

-to follow Christ according to the Gospel

-to be the brides of the Holy Spirit


Everything else (a prayer, a work, vows etc.) are only the very good means to live this relationship. 

The excellent example of this for us is the Virgin Mary.            


The Prayer: 

Our contemplative vocation means a permanent connection with God in a prayer. We should be free for God in a seclusion and a silence and we should point at God in a permanent personal prayer as well as in the liturgical prayer. That´s why we have two hours of a daily personal prayer in our monastery which is the minimum. The prayers should live and remain in us all the time. We meditate the Gospel every day. Our understanding of the liturgical prayer is to serve God and to the Church. That´s why we pray the whole breviary every day.


The Work:                                                                                                                                                                    

St. Francis said: “The work is a mercy”. Therefore we accept every work during the whole day. Every moment is for us the opportunity to meet God. When hands are working the heart is free for God´s silence and call. That´s why our work is not too complicated. We usually sew, embroider, make candles and do the gardening.


Our three Vows: 

During a celebration of the first Profession in our order we promise the three Evangelical vows of poverty, obedience and chastity. These are very good aids to live God´s vocation. The poverty means to be independent of the material things. The obedience does not mean to obey like a slave but it means our decision for God´s will which is carried out by mother superior. The chastity means a pure heart without any tricks, false pretences and deceptions. Our three vows help us to grow up and mature in our behaviour, reactions and attitudes.


The Cloister: 

It is not comprehended like a prison. We can not leave the monastery without any well-founded reason but we can concentrate on some more important - to be with God and for God everywhere and every moment. The cloister is not perceived as a limitation but we perceive it as a real possibility to pray for the salvation for every man on the earth.


The Fraternity: 

St. Francis and st. Clare wanted to find an order for brothers and sisters. So we don´t live separated from each other like monks and eremites. We don´t live apart from each other but together. We should already be the witnesses of the heavenly life in this world.