The Christmas Letter 2016

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Parents, Relatives, Friends and Benefactors!

A year has already passed since our last communication, and we greet
you once again with our Franciscan greeting “Peace and all Good!”
When Pope Francis had opened the Holy Year of Mercy, a Holy Door
was opened also in our monastery. The mystery of the Triune God’s love
and mercy surpasses our understanding.

Our spirituality

What is a major point to keep? 


It is to live together in the closest relationship with God

-to be the servants of the Most Holy

-to follow Christ according to the Gospel

-to be the brides of the Holy Spirit


Everything else (a prayer, a work, vows etc.) are only the very good means to live this relationship. 

The excellent example of this for us is the Virgin Mary.            

About us

We are a community of the Order Capuchin Poor Clares. The Capuchins live according to The Rule of St. Clare. All sisters Poor Clare in the whole world share this Rule. But Capuchins have own constitutions of the Order Capuchin Poor Clares which were worked out on the base of the reform commenced in 1535 by the honourable Mary Laurence Longo.


We follow the papal reclusion according to The Rule and The Tradition of our Order.


A special tie of the spiritual relationship connects us with our brothers Capuchins. The spiritual care for us is entrusted them too.


Each monastery of Capuchin Poor Clares is legally independent. The head of the convent is an abbess voted by the convent chapter every three years. The monasteries may associate in federations and confederations. Our community is not a member of any federation yet, but we stay in touch with a lot of other monasteries of our sisters in the whole world. Nowadays our community consists of twelve sisters and we are the only monastery of Capuchin Poor Clares in the Czech Republic.